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My Story

Do I have a story for you...


​I received my BS from ETSU (Go Bucs) in 2007. 
After graduation, I worked in finance + accounting for over eight years

(crazy, right?!?). 
I believe it is safe to say; I am great at seeing the details. 


Then, certain life events happened!
Our second child was born with special needs, and I re-evaluated my priorities.
I chose to retire from my full-time financial career after her birth and spend my time at home. I focused on her therapies to give her the best shot with early intervention. During the first year home I felt like I needed an outlet to work again for myself. Something that I could do while still being able to manage her therapy schedule and be the best mom for both our girls. 


I soul searched what I was most passionate about, photography and crafting! Documenting the milestones took on a whole new meaning for me during the last few years. After a lot of prayer and support from friends and family, I started my business. I took night courses at the “great” University of Tennessee (Go Vols), multiple photography workshops, 
and interning/second shooting for some of the most talented photographers in East Tennessee! 


I began shooting with local production companies in town. I discovered what it was like to become a freelancer, and I loved it.
After a lot of hard work, a positive attitude, 
and a willingness to do any job to get the work done  
the doors started opening for me in the production world.



 I have now shot editorial, commercial, and digital content for:
HGTV “Handmade”
HGTV “Happy”
HGTV “Tabletop/Trending”
Travel Channel
Discovery Channel “Gold Rush: The Dirt”
Regal Entertainment
And more...

Worked as a production assistant on multiple production sets

Became an art stylist for HGTV

Art assisted on multiple digital productions for HGTV/Discovery/Travel channel (Including flat lays + stop motion fun)

 A production coordinator for Discovery on the set of Gold Rush: The Dirt



It has been such an incredible ride, and I am so thankful for every opportunity. I mean, I opened my photography business in 2013 as a side hobby. I was taking photos on weekends as a creative outlet for my day job in finance. Never knowing that my life was going to change in 2016 so drastically and that photography would turn into how I would support my family in so many ways. 

God had a plan bigger than me. 
He helped us even in the hardest moments of letting go of the dream; I thought I had for myself. He closed one door only to open the most amazing windows that would change all our lives for the better. 


This small business started with a following of 5 family friends as clients. Now servicing so many and working with some of the largest networks in the industry. 


I mainly focus my time on production/commercial/editorial photography. 
Production coordinator work and art assist as well, “contact me for rates/availability.” 

I do still shoot a handful of weddings a year 
(Weddings give me the fresh air of creative freedom that comes from photographing two people in love. It’s also super fun to celebrate on your big day and get down on the dance floor.)
“Contact me for rates/availability.”


Currently “Not” taking any family/newborn/headshots
But, follow my Instagram + Facebook 
Sometimes, I get creative and throw out some mini-sessions for fun! 


If you want to see more then just my site or social media
you can also view more videos, flat content, and commercial photography work featured at HGTV.com ​
“My photography focuses on vibrant color, 
being tack sharp, and color correct.” (not just some filter, I want timeless, not gold/green overlays) “full of emotion.”